Jelly Belly Presents BeanBoozled® Flaming Five Challenge With Spicy Hot New Flavours

How Hot Can You Handle? Let’s Find Out.

BeanBoozled Flaming Five is the next evolution of the BeanBoozled brand,  letting brave fans explore the world of spicy hot with five true-to-life Chilli flavours: sriracha, jalapeño, cayenne, habanero and Carolina Reaper. Each flavour is appropriately hot for its placement in this progressively spicy and remarkably accurate line up, from mild sriracha leaving tasters with a light burn similar to the sauce through to Carolina Reaper packing a seriously major punch.
Fans will find BeanBoozled Flaming Five in a variety of packages. A spinner wheel is available in a special gift box and features a 100g assortment of the five flavours. Spin the wheel, find the corresponding jelly bean in the tray and see how hot you can handle. Other packages include a 45g flip top box and a 54g bag.